The exact words from a student at Taylors University.

I recently conducted a marketing workshop there for a group of students who were building a startup.

They were building a part-time job platform, which I absolutely love – especially when they create freelancing opportunities.

The group's MVP website.

In the beginning, they wanted to target everyone. Every business is our customer!

"OK – but where do you target everyone"

"Umm... Facebook ads?"

As we progressed in the workshop, they started to see narrowing down to their ideal audience would make more sense – cost, and conversion-wise. They decided they wanted to reach companies that regularly exhibit at events.

"OK, so where would you go to reach these companies?"

"Facebook Groups"

"Sorry, where?"

"Facebook groups. We'll go into part-time job groups. Reach out to companies who already looking to hire there and make them an offer."

That's it. From a spray-and-pray approach to a more focused one.

Out of curiosity, I decided to ask them.

"Do you use Facebook?"

"No, I don't use Facebook."

"I think I deactivated my account" another guy said.

"Yeah, I get birthday wishes once a year. But that's it."

"What do you use then? Instagram, Tik Tok?"

"Instagram. Nah, not really on TikTok."

The lesson

Does this mean we should forget Facebook and start marketing on Instagram?

No, it means if you want to reach students in Subang, aged 21 to 27, studying computer science – then yes, maybe go on Instagram.

Marketing should always start with the customer.

  • Where do they hang out?
  • Where do they spend time?
  • What are they doing there?
  • What are their pain, fears, hopes, and dreams?

The only way to know is to talk to them. Not running a bunch of ads or doing guesswork.

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