Here are the 4 Ps of marketing.

  • Product: Find a great product/service to sell. Differentiate it.
  • Price: Decide the amount to charge that will make you profit while keeping customers happy.
  • Place: Offer your products where your customers are.
  • Promotion: Pick a promotion strategy that resonates with your audience. Always be testing.

Do the 4 Ps right, and you'll be on your way to success.

Sounds simple. But any seasoned marketer will tell you that marketing in real life is a bit different.

It's just like scoring top scores in university only to find that the real working environment is different.

Textbook marketing looks easy

I read quite a lot. I spent some time over the weekend re-reading, Methods of Persuasion. It's a book I'd recommend reading.

Sidenote: Also, physical books only! The experience of reading a physical book beats ebooks, audiobooks, etc.

But, reading can make you think something is easier than it really is – especially marketing.

AIDA framework. 4 Ps of marketing. Unlimited customer model. Content flywheel. Wow, a framework! We see this in books every day. And at the moment of reading, it can feel like it's just the thing you'll need.

Strategizing is easy. Execution is hard.

It's September now.

Go back to January. Remember the New Year resolutions your friends said they are committing to? That required some strategizing. "I'm going to run 3X a week." or "I'm going to start posting daily content."

Come back to September. Did they achieve it?

Marketing is the same. Strategizing and frameworks are easy.

The challenge is always execution. Every marketing campaign I've worked on somehow required 10X more effort than I originally planned. Things will go wrong. Something will fail. We usually would have to switch strategies and execute on the fly.

Read to expand your knowledge. But doing will expose you to reality and grow you.

Learn from do-ers.

We've recently announced the complete line-up of speakers at Underdog Influence Conference.

If you noticed – there's one thing common between all speakers.

All of them are do-ers.

So everything they share is from real experience of what they did. Not a textbook.

This is what makes the event so valuable.

Besides learning tried and tested influencer marketing lessons, we've created an event that brings together some of the best marketers in one room. The networking is going to be amazing.

At this time of writing, there are less than 40 tickets left. They'll be gone by the time the event comes next week.

We've put in a lot of work – working with speakers and vendors, to make Underdog Con a reality. I'm really proud of it. And I hope you'll join us.

Get a ticket here:

Underdog Influence Con is just next week!
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