Starbucks recently launched their own entertainment company. Mailchimp has long been producing original films. In 2021, Nike launched a content studio called Waffle Iron Entertainment.

Why are all these brands, who’s got NO BUSINESS in media – starting to launch their own in-house film studios?

Because the hardest thing in marketing… is to get people to change their behaviour. 

And entertainment is one of the best ways to change behaviours. 

What content should we post? Check out Gary V’s IG stories. Can we do more like that? What format is the most engaging now? We should spend time doing what works, not everything…

I remember discussing (and then arguing) with my team about the type of content to post.

Finally, I had enough. 

“OK, screw it. You post whatever you want. I’ll post whatever I want.”

In the end, whatever we thought would work, failed. The content we thought wouldn’t work – drove in tons of engagement. 

The conclusion? Nobody really knows what they are doing some of the time. They’re just doing their best guess. 

Every company is a media company. 

We live in exciting times. 

You don’t need to invest millions in a printing press. A RM20,000 camera. Or a filming crew.

All you need to market your brand with content today – is that smartphone you’re using to read this right now.


Here’s our content posting formula: 

  1. Post. Yes, just post. 
  2. Study what works. 
  3. Re-iterate. Improve. 
  4. Repeat.

I’ve done enough content to know why people fail at content marketing. 

Lack of consistency. 

Seriously, that’s it. 

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If there’s one company that’s good at content marketing, it’s Mindvalley. I remember stumbling on a Mindvalley video, and the next moment I look up, a full hour had passed. 


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