If someone came up to you and asked, "What are your best 3 marketing tips", what would you say?

Melly of Mole, who sponsored us with a smart card & site, asked me this question for a content video we were creating yesterday. I thought I'd share them with you here - complete with examples.

1 - When they zig, you zag.

Everyone's doing TikTok now. Nobody markets on Facebook anymore.

But wait. With marketers all rushing to TikTok, that just means Facebook has just become an open playing field.

Growth Hack 101: Do the opposite of whatever everyone's doing.

2 - Market with people, not at them.

Stop running ads to people. We've all built up a shield for advertising and direct selling. Stop marketing at people. We don't want it.

Market with people.

We printed every attendee's company logo on the event backdrop, during the recent Underdog Con. To date, this remains one of the best strategies to make them part of the conference. People started sharing photos of themselves with the backdrop. They started sharing photos from the conference. The word starts spreading.

We were marketing with them, not at them.

3 - $0 partnership

No spending on ads.

Find people with an audience or customer base that you want. Work a partnership with them.

Be unreasonable. They don't do partnerships? Make the offer anyway.

We've always been featured on The Coffee Break.

Our partnership with The Coffee Break costs $0. Even so, it has contributed to some sales. Paid ads remained the traffic source with the highest customer acquisition cost (CAC) for Underdog Con.

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