Is in the hands of a stranger you have not said hello to.

  • When you run ads, you reach strangers.
  • The rental for ground-level stores at a shopping mall is higher – because more strangers pass by.
  • You add hashtags to your Instagram posts, hoping they reach more strangers.
  • You do SEO for your website so that more strangers can find you.
  • You join networking events to meet strangers.

Everything you want – growing your business, more customers, or scaling revenue, is in the hands of a stranger you have not met yet.

Strangers are opportunities. Make eye contact. Shake hands. Share a contact. Ask them out. Help them. Seek discomfort.

Underdog Founders' Con is tomorrow. It's the perfect place to meet strangers. We have 12 tickets left, at this time of writing.

Will you meet 80+ strangers tomorrow?

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