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In this issue, let's talk validation.

How we validated the Sales Page Makeover 

A month ago, I completed a landing page & lead generation workshop for Taylor's Bizpod – a startup incubator for their students.

It was a 4-hour workshop, and I poured everything into it. Case studies. Examples. Do-it-together.

I received the feedback form a few days later:

Oh yeahhh.

Looks like participants LOVED the workshop.

I don't say this to toot my own horn. When I went through the feedback, two thoughts came to mind.

  1. "Wow, students found the workshop useful"
  2. "Taylor's University was willing to PAY me to conduct the workshop"

If they were willing to pay for us to conduct the workshop, then it should be valuable for other people too, right? Thus, the idea to use the by-product; the workshop content, and turn it into a new product.

"What if we helped people give their sales page a makeover, as a workshop?'

It was validation time.

Without having the product yet, we created a sales page, put a product button, made a video, mentioned the pre-sale, and sent a few emails to the Daily CMO newsletter.


Holy sh*t. Someone signed up for the workshop.

By the time it came to the workshop start day, I had 3 paid sign-ups for Sales Page Makeover. A few more joined later. It wasn't a huge number, but THIS IS IT! We validated the workshop. Today, we have a new product.

A look behind the Sales Page Makeover

Validating is getting people to PAY you.

It's not sending out surveys, then getting excited when people say, "Yeah, will totally support you, bro". What people say they do, and what they actually do is 100% different.

My question for you: Are you stuck in marketing tactic hell? Or are you doing the real, but uncomfortable work of asking customers to buy your product?

3 key takeaways Launching Sales Page Makeover

  1. A rejection is an opportunity to learn WHY someone didn't buy, and WHAT they will buy. One of the keywords from a survey we sent out: "I want to see proof"
  2. Proof is important. People want to know if something will work for them before they put their money down. Don't have proof yet? Work 1-on-1 with a client, and use their success as your proof.
  3. "Start with your passion" is stupid advice. Instead, identify a small viable market, find out their problems, and where they go to spend money to try solving those problems.

Sales Page Makeover workshop is now closed. I'm still working with the current participants, and not sure when we'll reopen again. For now, sign up for the waitlist on the site.

What's going on in marketing?💡

  • AI still has many unknown areas. But don't get lazy. Learn it.
  • PSA: Change your Google Analytics data retention from 2 months to 14 months. This video includes another 9 more useful tips.
  • Don't post content every day. It may be doing you more harm than good.
  • Recently, a document that revealed how Google's search algorithm works got leaked. The best (and most accurate) breakdown I've read is by Rand Fishkin. I'll explain the 5 takeaways, as the research can be technical.
    • Brand matters more than any SEO tactic.
    • Google's Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness ("E-E-A-T") might not matter as much as SEO gurus want you to think.
    • User intent is more important than content and backlinks. (Basically, how much your webpage SATISFY what searchers want to find).
    • Make sure to optimize your page titles.
    • SEO is a game for big brands. As a young startup, you'll probably be outranked (even with original content) by publishers who have been in the game for 10+ years.

Workshop of the week 📚

The value of an email subscriber is not the same as a social media follower.

Give me a choice to pick 1,000 followers on Instagram or 100 email subscribers – and I'll pick emails anytime.

Sub100 is a 3-day workshop, that will show (and get) you to get your first 100 email subscribers.

The workshop starts on 20th June. Sign up here

Video of the week 📹

"Most people think branding is about getting agencies to design nice logos and designs. But those things don't help you get more customers"

Listen to Sasha Tan of Dear Hustlers, explain the difference between branding and brand strategy – and what you should focus on instead.

  • How Sasha validated C.Riously before building the product.
  • What's brand strategy?
  • How to implement brand strategy in your business.
  • What to do if you're down to your last dollar.

Watch the interview

Deal of the week 💬

The 3 lifetime deal apps we use at Daily CMO are now on sale – at 10% additional off.

  • Sendfox - Pay only once, use forever. $49 for 5000 subscribers.
  • Tidycal - Does everything Calendly can.
  • Kingsumo - Run giveways and grow your email subscribers.

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