Whenever I say this – regardless, as a reminder to myself or to pass along an advice, I would get asked this question: But why? I'm... not a content creator.

Creating more doesn't mean only creating content. Creating content is only part of it. We bring value into the world, by creating something.

  • Some people create amazing businesses.
  • Some create useful apps.
  • Some create remarkable content.
  • Some make music that entertains us.  
  • Some produce eye-catching videos.
  • Some make great food!
  • Some organize great events (us!).

What you consume doesn't make you unique

You're a fan of Ed Sheeran. You read a lot of books on manifestation. You only buy Lululemons. You're a big-time follower of Gary Vaynerchuk and follow him on 3 social platforms.

Who cares?

What you consume doesn't make you unique. What you create and put out for the world is what truly defines you.

Make something. Build. Create.

Creating isn't easy

The reason why so many aren't creators. They are merely consumers. It's less risky and safer to not put things out. That way, nobody can criticize you. You'd never fail!

But isn't keeping your gift inside of you, never releasing it to the world – extremely selfish of you?

What if the things you create changed someone for the better? Regardless of how small that change was, it would be a good thing.

Your turn

The truth is not everyone is going to like what you create. That's OK. If you have a gift, share it. Focus on the people who benefit from it.

Maybe what you create today isn't great. That's OK. Put out enough bad work and good ones will surface. Issac Newton created 10,000 bad works before finding a good one. How many bad works have you created?

Create something today. For a start – a social media post, a tweet, or a comment doesn't take long to create.

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