Stuck with writing copy – and ChatGPT is spitting out generic stuff?

Well, here are some copy formulas you can begin with. And make sure to read till the end for one quick conclusion.

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AIDA: Attract, Interest, Desire & Action.

Imagine writing copy for a weight loss ad.

To attract a reader you could write, “Lose 5KG in our program, or get your money back”. Then build interest. Explain how it’ll work and how they’ll benefit. Next, build desire. How would their lives change? Then tell them what to do. Sign up here. Apply now.

PAS-O: Problem, Agitation, Solution & Outcome

Let's write an email to pitch a Mandarin class for adults.

  • Problem: Can't speak Mandarin?
  • Agitation: Is it costing you business opportunities?
  • Solution: Our Mandarin speaking for adults course gets you speaking Mandarin in 6 weeks.
  • Outcome: Now, you can do business with Chinese businesses.

FAB: Features, Advantages & Benefits

Let's sell a car.

  • Features: The X car has a 1,000-liter boot. No more having to hire trucks or movers to move your things.
  • Advantages: The large space allows you to store lots of things.
  • Benefits: You'll end up saving time and money.

4Ps: Picture, Promise, Proof, Push

Let's sell a stay at a luxury hotel.

Picture: You're lying down on a beach chair, sipping on a coconut. A waiter comes by and asks if you like some fruits. It's complimentary. Yes, you said. Ahh, this is life you thought to yourself as you relax, without a worry in the world.

Promise: What you get when you stay with us is an out-of-this-world experience with a team of staff that will go over and beyond to serve you. In here, you're without worries.

Proof & Push: Here are what some of our past visitors have said. Book your staycation dates now before all rooms are taken. Get a complimentary bottle of champagne when you book now.


Let's sell an ergonomic gaming chair this time.

Before: Do you usually work from home? You have a home office set up at home, but somehow you usually end your work day feeling extremely tired. Your back hurts. Your neck hurts more. Because of this, you're constantly in a bad mood.

After: What if upgrading your chair could everything? You end your work day feeling accomplished. No pain anywhere. You're in a better mood and your family seems happier as well.

This could be you.

Our ergonomic chairs are proven to have helped people fix their working environment, provide them with a better working posture, and generally improve their lives.

The weird conclusion

What's ironic is that all great copywriters I know, don't write following a "copy formula".

They break the rules, contradict themselves – and do weird things.

I've noticed the best marketers don't just copy whatever ChatGPT gives them and use them in the actual marketing assets. No denying that AI tech is amazing. But there's a need for human brilliance and empathy – especially in marketing.

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