Remember when you could make ONE post on Facebook, get a 15% CTR, and sell out your product – just like that?

OK, I'm old.

Click tracking was the THING. Marketers would track link clicks from every platform – YouTube, email marketing, ads, Google Search – you name it.

Then, social media platforms started thinking. "Hey, we can do more and also make more money if we keep people on our platform."

And so, platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn became biased toward links. Algorithms devalued content with external links. Native content became the go-to format. Everything to keep users on their platform.

This brought about zero-click marketing.

Google is zero-click too

You used to search on Google and browse a few websites to find what you want. Things have changed. For years, Google has been answering your questions when you search.

Example: If I search for the weather...

I don't have to click to find what I want.

A 2020 research showed 64.8% of Google search results in 0 clicks.

64.8% of Google Searches result in 0 clicks

With generative AI, websites and content will get fewer and fewer clicks.

Good news for users, but bad news for marketers

How to do marketing in a cookieless, no-tracking world

It's time to stop marketing the way we did years ago.

This is where Zero-click Marketing comes in. (Coined by folks at SparkToro)

Basically, you publish content on your site, social media, YouTube. Instead of trying to drive traffic back to your website with links, you promote without links. Your content is native, and is made for the platforms.

Let's say you post about cameras. In the comment section, you could say hey, if you like the camera, you could find more in our newsletter.

You probably have seen people posting links in comments already.

Now, people would go - "Oh, Reuben talks about cameras. If I go and follow Reuben, I'll get more of those camera reviews."

The idea of zero-click marketing is to optimize for visibility and engagement. Not just for clicks.

Do this enough, and people (your audience) from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all these places will say, wow, that content was great. I want to follow this person. I wonder if he has shared about XYZ topic.

They'll then Google for something interesting about Daily CMO or visit my Instagram to look for a video. There's no link to click. But I'm going to search and explore Daily CMO and check it out for myself.

That's how zero-click marketing works.

These days, it's about building a brand.

Build your brand with merchandise.

When I first printed the Underdog Tee – it felt like a proud moment. Imagine, people wearing my brand with them!

Turns out, launching your own merchandise takes work and mostly experience.

  • Where do you get designers?
  • Why should people care?
  • How do you create a story?
  • How much to price?
  • How to sell and move your merch?
  • How do you avoid being the only person wearing your merch?

That's why I'm building a 7-day online workshop together with award-winning entrepreneur, King Quah of Saltycustoms. The workshop will help you design, launch and make profit with your own brand merchandise.

Here's a look at what's inside:

We're looking to launch this in mid-July. Launch price would be RM1599. At this time, we're opening 5 presale registrations for the workshop at RM997.

Use this form to register your interest.

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