Few years ago, I led marketing at a data science school

For the longest time, I thought we were in the business of education - helping students pick up data science.

Over time, I realized that I wasn’t in the education business. I was in the recruitment business. The success of our business didn’t depend on how good (or complete) our courses were. It depended on how many students got jobs as data scientists – or upgraded their careers and earned a bigger salary.

Once that clicked, everything changed…

  • We no longer competed with other “data science workshops”
  • Our sales pages and marketing changed. (I teach this in Sales Page Makeover)
  • We optimized everything to help students get data science jobs – giving away resume templates, job interview tips, and networking opportunities.

Revenue started growing.

Your business is not what you think it is. Here’s a banger video that explains it well.

It’s 40 minutes long. Or you can use Recall, a tool that summarizes content. It also stores them in a “recall” bank too. I’ve tried a few summarizers. This one is one of the best.

Here’s a link to the summary of the video.

Last day to enroll: Sales Page Makeover

The Sales Page Makeover starts tomorrow. The first day lessons and assignments drops at 8AM. We’ll be off to the races to turn sales pages into revenue-generating machines in 7 days.

Creating great sales pages can be difficult, but done correctly – rewarding. No, it’s not picking a few web templates or using copywriting hacks. It’s psychologically understanding your readers and presenting your solutions to them.

We’ll be closing enrollments to Sales Page Makeover tonight to focus on the workshop. I’m not sure when we’ll re-open it. Hope to see you inside. 

Tonight: Double your E-Commerce Revenue

Without additional ad spend.

Faisal and I go back many years. 5 years ago, we sat in a live stream studio and discussed E-Commerce marketing strategies for a digital conference for 200+ attendees. Tonight, you’ll get our updated strategies after years of testing, experimenting, winning and losing. 

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