Every now and then, I look for something to do that's unscalable.

  • Handwritten thank you notes.
  • Recording a personal thank-you video.
  • Reaching out to clients manually.
  • Answering questions on Quora. (Like Donald of Howuku did)

While everything a startup wants to do is to scale, scale, and automate – it's tough to scale meaningful relationships.

Sometimes it's in the best interest of your customers.

What's something you're doing today that doesn't scale?

Founder of Signature Market, Edwin will be speaking at Underdog Founder's Con, sharing how he built Signature Market, from doing the unscalable things to acquire his first customer to scaling it to over 500,000+ users.

He recently launched a daily journal, designed for you to manifest your goals naturally and effortlessly, which I recommend you check out.

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