Here's what I'd argue:

You probably shouldn't use ChatGPT to write your copy for you. At best, only use it as a guide and idea generator.

I was working with a speaker who'll be speaking at Underdog Con on his speaking title. After exchanging a few messages, he sent me a few title suggestions:

I could immediately tell he used AI

Why was I able to tell that it's AI? Because Mike of PTT Outdoor doesn't speak (or write) like that.

Case story aside, all love to Mike. He's a smart marketer & amazing entrepreneur. You should attend Underdog E-Commerce Con just to meet him.

Anyway, I'm simply observing you could choose to be authentically you when writing, creating content, or marketing.

Case in point, the reason I invited Mike wasn't because I was impressed with his title or how he wrote. It was because I resonated with his personality and methodologies for growing his business.

Today's Marketing Mondays is going to focus on copywriting.

The Daily

Here's a copy hack that I've been using for years.

The parent's test

Turns out the best copywriting hack, is no hack. It's simply asking for feedback.

You don't actually have to ask your parents.

Ask for feedback from an ideal target audience. It could be a colleague, friend, partner or better yet – your customer!

Most marketers (and copywriters), don't ask for feedback. They assume – and use weird copy formulas they find online. Then they wonder why people don't connect with what they wrote.

Video takeaway of the week

Rachel's story shows anybody can do it – and that marketing isn't complex.

Identify a problem, and find a solution. Rachel solved her own problem and then found 1000s of people who had the same problem as her.

Her marketing? Going to where these people were already hanging out. You're going to get a lot of golden nuggets from this video.

Together with Runway Ventures

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Together with The Runway Ventures

Most startup newsletters talk about the wins:
- Startup raised $10M Series A
- How startup B went IPO

But The Runway Ventures does the opposite. They talk about the losses, failed startup stories, mistakes and lessons learned. Mistakes are the best teacher.

Every Sunday, the newsletter shares an analysis of 1 failed startup, 2 costly mistakes made, and 3 lessons for founders.

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In the loop

Gary Vaynerchuk explains what marketing is in 7 minutes. Hint – empathy. Why am I not surprised?

But honestly – it's a great video.

Here's more in the loop this week.

Ad of the week

Designed by Sam Hennig, creative strategist at Something Big, this ad became viral.

What we love about it: How relatable it is to the target audience – us! It kept the brand in our minds & sparked conversations (I'm sharing it with you in this email).

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