Marketers are serial learners.

We study a lot. Ask questions when we can. Observe what other marketers do. Study great businesses like we study art.

But do you know the #1 thing to study to be a good marketer?

Not copywriting. Not techniques. Not strategies or products. Not how to run a Google Ad or whatever.

It's to become a student of markets. Learning what people want to buy.

Find out what people want to buy

By observing what they do buy!

Not what they SAY they'll buy. But what they DO buy. It's as simple as that.

Example: Vegetable Planting Kit

Here's an example: An ex-Daily CMO client, whom I'll call Adam.

Adam is an inventor. He invented a useful planting kit for people to plant organic vegetables from home.

Adam is a great guy. He believes store-bought vegetables are filled with pesticides and people should plant and eat their own vegetables. (Which is true!)

But it didn't sell. He'd spend RM5,000 on ads, and pull in RM10,000 in revenue. Oh-oh. A recipe for bankruptcy.

Despite having companies showing interest in his vegetable kits, he wanted to focus on end-users. The stay-at-home parents. The gardening hobbyists. These are people who need to change their eating habits. And they pay on delivery, unlike corporates with crazy 90-day terms, he reasoned.

Not giving up, he sent out surveys to his audience asking if they would grow their vegetables and eat healthier. Almost everyone answered "yes!". Adam was stoked. He spent more time refining his product, and website and ran more ads.

In the end, Adam blew through his investments, grants & savings. He couldn't grow his business and ended up getting stuck in survival mode.

Adam invested time, money, and emotional energy into developing a product – without bothering to study his market and ask, "Does anyone WANT to buy this?"

In his survey, his audience only answered what was "Right", not what they'll actually do. The reason is most people feel guilty and they'll often try to give the RIGHT answer, not the TRUE answer.

To be a good marketer: Observe what people DO buy, and not what they SAY they buy.

Learn & deploy marketing strategies used by 8 founders.

As a student of markets, I'm aware that fewer people buy education and more people buy entertainment. And that's a consideration I've taken in when creating Underdog Founders' Con - Workshop Edition.

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