You know what AI will never replace?

Your brand. Your stories, empathy, and everything that makes you human – and memorable.

Stand out in the AI-era

With everyone prompting and generating generic content, how do you stand out?

Surely, not more AI-generated content.

Online classes didn't replace the need for physical classes. In fact, all it did was make physical classes more valuable and sought-after. Similarly, with more generic content flooding the internet – people are seeking brands and personalities they can connect and relate with.

Building a brand – personal or company is smart.

It enables you to charge higher prices and serve better clients. The opposite is being a commodity – when there's nothing to compare, price is compared.

And of course, the worst position to be in is to build nothing at all. Nobody knows you. And your product never sells.

A brand gets you opportunities

We're collaborating with Mel, to bring you an 8-day practical workshop where you'll build a personal brand together with us. The workshop starts with a full-day physical workshop on 31st January 2024 (we're live streaming this too), and then it goes online for another 7 days, where everyone implements together.

The result is a redefined personal brand.

I hope you'll join us and be one of our success stories. It's a chance to work on building your brand – finding your voice, knowing what to post, and becoming the "to-go" person in your niche.

The workshop is available as a pre-sale this week. Secure your spot before the price increases.

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