As a kid, I loved eating roasted seaweed. (The snack) 

Because it was scarce to me at that time, I would keep it in the cupboard and not eat it. Over time, air would enter the snack, make it soggy, and I’ll have to throw more than half away.

That was stupid.

The truth is scarcity has made me value the snack more. I had a scarcity mindset instead of an abundance mindset.

But hey, this is not some motivational, woo-woo post.

What I’m explaining with the story is that when something is scarce, we tend to conserve, appreciate, respect and value it. When something is abundant, we rarely think twice about how we use or spend it. 

Abundance and value are often opposites.

Scarcity is a marketer’s advantage. 

If your product is always available – in abundance, your customers will take less notice of it.  

When your product is scarce – discounts today only. Limited quantity left. Bonuses for the first 10 customers only, customers will pay more attention and appreciate it more. 

Is your product scarce or always available?

Another one on scarcity...

We are fully remote at Daily CMO. Because face time is scarce, we really value our occasional face time. A few times every 2 months, we get together for a few days. We hang out, have lunch and work together. 

Over these few days, we’re crazy productive. But if we do this constantly, our productivity will probably dip. 

We used the scarcity of time together to be more valuable. 

Use scarcity as your advantage.

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