Nobody gives a damn about you.

Nobody wakes up in the morning, receives an email from you, and thinks, “Wow, this guy spent 10 hours writing this email – I want to buy from him now!”

They don’t care what email platform, what technology you use if you got some revolutionary AI.

People want to buy what they want to buy.

When I started as a one-man marketing agency, I’d go up to companies and tell them what I want. “Oh, my charges start from RM5,000 per month.”. “I have done marketing for over 8 years.”


The customers didn’t care. I don’t care if you charge RM5,000 or RM50,000. What can you do for me??

Now, I first understand what a company wants. Then I’ll go, “Based on what we talked about, it seems your challenge is A, B, and C. I believe I can help you solve that and increase your sales by X…"

HUGE difference. And I just won the business.

Stop talking about what you want. Talk about what other people want.

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