During the past Underdog E-Commerce Con – founder of PTT Outdoor, Mike Chu took the stage and said E-Commerce businesses should start bundling their products.

Here's the moment when he said it:

Bundling products helps you:

  • Increase your customer basket size. (AOV)
  • Fight the rising cost of ads.

Another interesting insight:

Version B ended up selling more compared to Version A

Bundling worked for Mike when he created a bundle product (version B) versus a product with a selectable bundle option (version A).


From his findings, it's because his customers had one less barrier. In other words, he made it simpler for the customer to decide.

Less clicking, more "ka-ching".

People love getting a deal, even the rich ones

Why do people love bundles?

In fact, I just bought new wireless microphones and decided to get an extra charger bundled with it.

Because we love getting a deal – even when we don't need the bundled "free gifts", extra items, or discount.

Buying a new laptop and getting a mouse, mousepad, USB thumb drive, bag, SD card reader & free antivirus software with the purchase, feels much better than buying a laptop and getting only the laptop.

The next time your customer tries asking for a discount, counter that by stacking bonuses.

Btw, that's exactly what goo-roos do. Here's an example:

Join the Billion Dollar AI-Nex Mastermind Retreat – RM16,997


  • Our "Rolodex" and network contacts.
  • Done-for-you AI prompts.
  • AI toolkit with 1000 AI tools.
  • Four personal 1-to-1 fix your AI marketing consultation sessions.
  • Our best-selling e-book, "Mastering AI lol-GPT"
  • Access to our AI funnel.

Obviously, I made up the product above, but you get the point. Stacking bonuses makes the purchase feel better.

And everyone, even the rich people, loves getting a deal.

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