1. Committed and creative marketers who can change the world. (Borrowing the idea from Seth Godin that marketers create change.)
  2. Our job as marketers is to connect people to things that will give them a positive change.
  3. You're not a liar. Because of your marketing, someone is now better off – and is closer (or have hit) their goals.
  4. You can't change everyone. That's why it's important to know, "who's your product for".
  5. We are irrational. And we don't make rational purchasing decisions.
  6. Also why telling stories is sometimes the best way to sell. We don't buy through logic. We buy through emotions. (Is it no wonder speakers at "guru" events always tell rag-to-riches stories?)
  7. Everyone has a different worldview.
  8. Nobody knows what they're doing. They are just giving it their best guess.
  9. What you say isn't as important as what others say about you.
  10. Focus on what people want. Not what you want.

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