The best product doesn't win. The best-perceived product wins.

I was looking for a managed hosting solution for Discourse. (To build a community for Underdog Ad Con.)

With some Googling, I came across a site that offered what I was looking for.

The only problem? The site looked like this:

The design looks outdated.

I started having doubts.

  • Are they still active?
  • Are they legit?
  • Will they suddenly close down one day?

And there it is. Marketing is a battle of perception.

I wasn't evaluating the product. I was making assumptions – by looking at their design.

Your customers are the same

They'll look at your logo, color, the way you write, your social media – and form a perception of your business.

So the trick then is to stand out. Be so different – that you confuse them. Maybe be a little weird. Out of the blue. That they start noticing and buying into your weirdness.

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