If you ran an ad or a marketing campaign that failed – did you just pay a fine or fee?

Ouch. RM216 per conversion for a campaign I recently ran.

There's no free lunch.

Just like Richard Williams (played by Will Smith) said, "Nothing is free", there's a price to pay for everything.

A day pass to Universal Studios Singapore costs SGD75. But you'll have a great day with your partner and kids. That's the fee you pay.

And like everything in life, there's no guarantee as well. It might rain when you visit the park.

But if you see the day pass as a fine, you'll never enjoy the experience.

Pay the price.

There is a chance something you do will fail.

The influencer marketing campaign might bring back 0 in sales. The Google ad might not convert at the cost you predicted. The email campaign you send may cause people to unsubscribe.

But are you paying a fee or a fine?

Why do so many people willing to pay the price for a car, a holiday, to enter a business award, try so hard to avoid paying the price for marketing?

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