Ever wondered why some conferences can charge upwards of $2,000 per ticket – sometimes 10X of what their competitor charge?

  • Is it the laser lights?
  • Is it the speakers from super huge brands?
  • Is it the food? Actually no, most conferences don't provide food, except us.

Maybe you paid that $2,000 before and did so happily.

Why does this happen?

Why do people buy a RM5,000 Gucci belt, when they can pick one up for RM50 at the department store?

Because people pay for results.

People want 6-pack abs or a bikini body – not another gym membership.

People want to fall in love – not simply learn how to have a good relationship.

People want to grow their business – not listen to a talk titled "The impact of omnichannel strategy for business & startups" that really means nothing. Our event, Underdog Founder's Con, delivers that actual outcome.

Any conference can have people speak about a topic they researched on the Internet.

In fact, most conferences are like this.

People with big titles go up on stage to speak about something that sounds cool, that they've not done before.

And then there are conferences disguised as sales pitches. I won't get into that.

But very few conferences bring people to share what they've actually done – connect you to them and deliver a specific result.

With Underdog Con, you're not just going to another conference to listen to a bunch of talks. You're getting proven lessons, strategies, and tactics that you can put to action and achieve your business goals.

I'm talking about REAL people building REAL businesses. And this is an event, where they're about helping others along the way.

Whoa... the price.

Underdog Founder's Con is RM299. One flat fee. No upsells. No early-bird gimmicks. And there's a limit of 80 seats.

Some people will think that's expensive – and choose to go for free or RM10 networking meet-ups that serve cheap pizza everyone snatches during the break.

And that's OK. Underdog Con is not for them.

Who do you meet at free/cheap events? That's right. Cheap people. The type of people who wouldn't invest in you. The type of people who scroll their phones during an event, rather than pay attention. The type of people who are just really going event to event, but never implement anything they've learned.

Because there's no tension. "Ahh, this event is free. If I get nothing, that's OK. It's free anyway."

But they forget that they pay with their time.

There are only so many events you can attend in a lifetime. So go to the ones that are worth your time.

When it comes to building a business, relationships, and learning to do better, people want big, specific outcomes. Not just more information – or a chance to attend an event for free.

I hope to see you at Underdog Founder's Con.

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