Yes, some marketers wake up in the morning thinking about how to make more money.

And some marketers wake up thinking about ways to provide more value for others.

If you're reading this, I know you fall into the second camp.

Marketers are needed. We are needed.

Marketers improve lives

People's lives are better because of marketers.

A CEO struggling to lose weight because of a busy schedule saw an ad and took up an offer from a personal trainer. 3 months later, the CEO is fitter, healthier, and more confident.

A marketer facilitated that connection between the CEO and the personal trainer. Both the CEO and the personal trainer gained.

Marketers improve first impressions

People take one look at a business's profile and immediately determine if they'd do business or not.

My wife was looking for a gym to go to while in Penang. Stumbling on a cycling studio, she visited the studio's Instagram profile and within seconds – decided that she would not go.

The business did nothing wrong.

But they didn't connect with my wife's worldview, beliefs, and bias. She didn't want to be associated with that gym. Being the "largest & premium" didn't help – although many businesses think boasting these draws people to their business.

A consumer’s first impression causes them to make a quick, permanent judgment about what they just saw.

Marketers can see this happening.

They help businesses with their messaging and image – so they can reach and serve more people who belong to the same tribe.

Marketers tell stories

People are drawn to stories.

Nike had a story. Phil Knight brought Japanese shoes to the American market and sold them in person at track meets.

Liquid Death had a story. Mike Cessario, created Liquid Death (yup, its just water) after watching bands drinking water out of energy drink cans just because they were obligated to, because of sponsorship requirements.

Underdog Con has a story too. We started because we found ourselves in a situation with an unpaid invoice for a venue, and had to run something to cover costs.

A product becomes a commodity without a story.

Marketers help businesses create stories so that the business can connect with people on a deeper level and build brand affinity.

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