Is that they don't quite work.

You may have gotten excited with some marketing frameworks you learned from a marketing workshop. But be honest – if those worked, all your marketing campaigns would have been successful.

There's no copy hack. No ad formula. No landing page framework that you can just copy and paste.

Marketing is understanding what your ideal customers want.

The way to uncover that is to talk to them. Dig into their hidden emotions. Once you find out what they want, make them an irresistible offer.

Today, I want to share with you 5 questions that we'd ask prospects when crafting an offer.

Customer analysis: 5 questions to create an irresistible offer.

Imagine talking to a potential customer on the phone.

Your job is to uncover their pain, fears, hopes, and dreams – using that to fuel the fundamentals of your irresistible offer.

Here's the first question we'll start with. (I'm building an offer for a home gardening system in the example below)

1 - First, filter out prospects.

Not everyone you talk to will be interested in your product. That's why you need to filter them out – and only pay attention to the ones who are actually keen.

Notice the question mentions price. This immediately filters out people who are just trying to be nice with you but are not actually keen on buying.

2 - Find out what's missing from your offer.

Once you've filtered out the serious buyers, go deeper. What made them say no to the offer? What's missing in your offer for a yes?

This question will get people to tell you things that you wouldn't have thought about.

For example, I asked past Underdog Con attendees what they would add, and many of them said more networking time. That's why the latest Underdog Influence Con event includes an after-party networking session. It's not a random decision.

3 - What have they tried to solve the problem?

This questions probes if the prospect you're talking to is serious about solving his or her problems.

For example, many people have weight loss problems. But if they never bothered looking for a solution, what makes you think they'll suddenly be happy to give you money?

4 - Were they successful in the past? Why not?

This is a follow-up question for prospects who have tried solving their problems. Were they successful? Why not?

Find out why they weren't successful in the past and solve that.

5 - Find out what they really want.

The last question helps you uncover what they really want.

Some overweight people might tell you they want to exercise regularly. But what they really want is to feel confident again. "Sigh, I don't enjoy taking photos with my friends anymore. I feel embarrassed. I tend to stand behind."

People usually don't know (or rather, find it hard to explain) what they need. But they can tell you how they feel.

Use those emotional cues as feedback and create an offer that addresses those feelings.

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