Let's sell a digital piano!


  1. Sound of 3 concert grand pianos
  2. RH3 keyboard with 88 keys
  3. Bluetooth audio
  4. New speaker system. 20W of output power each, 4 speakers.
  5. Made in Japan

OK great. But those are features. How would they improve life?

Features mean nothing to the unassuming prospect. What if we switched them up to benefits?


  1. Experience the sound of an RM2.5 million piano.
  2. The keyboard feels exactly like a real piano, you won't notice it.
  3. Play along to your favorite music tracks, played on your phone.
  4. Speaker system powerful enough to fill a room.
  5. Build quality that lasts - nearly forever.

Don't leave it up to chance. Or fall too deeply in love with your product. Explain benefits quickly to customers – and how it will improve their lives.

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