Sending personal videos.

It's so effective for marketing – that I become so frustrated trying to convince reluctant clients to do it.

The strategy is simple. Send a 15-second personal video to customers when they buy. Thank them and ask for a feedback.

Chun Yan was surprised to receive a video and replied me.

People are usually surprised to get a video. They'll think, "Wow, this person actually took the time to send me a video."

Then they tell other people about it. Our brand spreads with it. Customers end up marketing our brand.

Speak about the most effective form of marketing - word of mouth.

Once you got their attention...

Ask some more!

  • Ask for a referral.
  • Ask for a feedback/why.

I usually ask for a feedback. Why made them buy? Why now?

Then, we'd store all feedback responses in a positioning document. This document becomes our cheatsheet when I build sales pages or create ads. We just pull it out – and boom, everything I need to know about my target customer is there.

No more guessing when writing marketing copy.

Go surprise a customer today with a personal video. Use Bonjoro, Loom or Zoom.

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