Yesterday, was my birthday. I went back to the hotel at night and was pleasantly surprised with a cake and a handwritten note by the staff.

What a nice touch.

What impressed me more wasn't the cake. I've received cakes from hotels before. Nothing too special. It was the handwritten note.

It signals that some level of effort has been made. Someone took the time to write a message, when they could have just printed it.

But if they printed it, it wouldn't have given me the same effect.

And there lies the advice to "do things that don't scale".

Putting customers first.

There will be certain processes in your business – like building customer relationship, that doesn't scale.

  • Zappos is known for its human support team, who prioritizes customer happiness. No chatbots.
  • Stripe CEO, Patrick Collision used to immediately get people to set up an account on the spot when they said they agreed to try Stripe. "Right then, give me your laptop" he'd say.
  • In the early days, Airbnb went door to door in New York to recruit new users and help existing ones improve their listings.
  • Yi Xian, founder of OVER includes a personalized note to thank each of their customers.

At Daily CMO, I record a personalized video message and send it to everyone who buys our programs or event.

Bonjoro is a great tool for personalized videos. 

It's difficult explain why, but that small act creates a difference in an event like Underdog Con. Step into the event and you'll notice it immediately.

It's your turn now.

What is something you do in your business, that isn't scalable? Find the comment section of this post and leave your comment.

Founder of Hiblendr, Seng Yong will be speaking at Underdog Influence Con
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