Is a simple storytelling formula. And it goes like this:

Once upon a time...
Every day...
One day...
Because of that...
Because of that...
Until finally..

That's it.

That's how every Disney movie is made.

OK, let me try telling you a story:

Once upon a time, there was a boy in a jungle, raised by apes. Every day, he'll spend time playing with the apes, who he saw as family. One day, a colonist ship landed on the island where the boy and apes were living on.

Because of that, their lives were in jeopardy. The colonist wanted to capture and colonize the island.

Because of that, together with the apes, the boy fought the colonizers, giving everything he got.

Untill finally, the colonizers surrendered and decided to flee the island. The boy and his family lived happily ever after.

Of course, you'll recognize it as the story of Tarzan. Although I badly told it, you can see how the storytelling formula is in it.

Using the formula to pitch.

As it turns out, every sales or marketing pitch involves some elements of storytelling.

So we can actually use the Disney storytelling formula to pitch.  

Let's try pitching HiBlender (whos founder, Seng Yong will be speaking at Underdog Influence Con!)

Once upon a time, there was only one way to blend juices at home.

Everyday, people would plug in bulky and noisy juicing machines to a wall socket to make juices. Cleaning them is also a painful hassle.

One day, a law graduate, Seng Yong who was fed up, decided to create a portable powered blender that isn't bulky, noisy and didn't need to be plugged into a wall socket.

Because of that, people were able to make juices on the go – anywhere and anytime they wanted. Because of that, they became healthier and were to able to enjoy life.

Untill finally, their quality of life improved so much, that now they could spend their time and energy to achieving bigger things. The end.

And that's Disney's secret.

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