Running a physical event is a good way to market your business.

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  • Run successful events with these 9 lessons. Hint. Build relationships with your customers by giving them a nice surprise!
  • Podcasting is a BIG opportunity in Asia. And they are easy to create too.
  • There's something you can learn from everyone. Leverage other people's ideas to grow your business.

πŸ“š How to run a successful event.

Most successful products has a conference of some sort.

  • Is there a conference for Gundam? Yes.
  • Is there a conference for Coffee? Yes.
  • Is there a conference for the Rubber industry? Yes.

Is there a conference around your product? If it's a yes – then there are potential buyers for your product.

But one of the best marketing strategies is to organize your own conference!

Running a conference isn't easy. But done correctly, it can bring lots of potential customers to you. As a team of 3, we managed to organize a marketing conference that was pretty successful. (Based from the feedback we received.)

Here are the 9 lessons:

  1. Don't rely only on paid ads.
  2. Provide food!
  3. Leverage on people's network.
  4. Use the $0 partnership strategy.
  5. Focus on sales before spending on marketing.
  6. Remember: People are last-minute.
  7. Create superfans.
  8. Running events is about your audience. Not you.
  9. Build in public.

– Read the 9 lessons here.

πŸŽ™ Start a podcast for your business.

In a recent interview with Terng Shing Chen, from Sync PR – one thing that stood out to me is how bullish he is on podcasting.

Why is podcasting becoming big – in Malaysia too?

Divided attention.

Divided attention is the ability to process more than one piece of information a time.

Podcasts happens fills this demand.

For example: You could be doing some ironing, and listening to a podcast at the same time. Your attention is focused on the podcast, while you're kind of ironing on auto-pilot.

How to create a successful podcast:

  1. Localize your content. There are many big podcasts, but few localized to Malaysians.
  2. Publish at least 21 episodes before you quit. 90% of podcasts don't get past episode 3.
  3. Find a schedule to publish consistently.

My interview with Terng got me to start our own Daily CMO podcast which I'll announce soon.

– Watch the interview with Terng. And take a free course of using a microphone to prep yourself up for creating podcasts. (Use code: GOFLEX)

🧠 Learn from the others.

We can learn something from everybody, no matter their title or how big we think their achievements are. A salesperson, driver, cashier or CEO – everyone has something to contribute.

That's the value Underdog Marketing Conference provided. 13 key leaders shared their biggest marketing ideas and case studies.

Access all 14 

Lessons include:

  • The Marketing Strategies SEAGM Uses to Achieve MYR1.2 Billion in Revenue – Raymond Foo, SEAGM
  • Growing With Unique Partnerships & Collaborations – Victor, Jobbie.
  • UX Practices to Supercharge Your Business – Nicholas Hon, Swipey
  • Crafting Irresistible Copy That Customers Can’t Get Enough Of – Cheryl Lee
  • How to set up Google Analytics 4 + video tracking – Reuben Ch'ng, Daily CMO
  • How to Build A Sustainable Social Media Content Strategy for Your Brand – Emily Goh, Bloom & Glow
  • How to Grow your Business – Using Iterative Research – Julie Ng,
  • How to Build a Successful Community  – Daniel Cerventus

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