Ever wondered how influencers wake up one day and decide to call themselves "an influencer"?

Let me answer that for you:

You build influence by doing something amazing.

You don't just decide to start influencing people. You become an influence through something you do. Jeff Bezos became a huge influence on E-commerce, after building Amazon. Morgan Freeman (the actor), built influence through his many films and iconic voice of course.

Every business needs to build influence.

How #1 property influencer, Sean Tan got his start.

In this rare interview with @iherng – I asked him questions about how he built a career as a content creator & reviewer in the property space.

Sean Tan a.k.a iherng is one of the most-known property influencers in Malaysia. This interview reveals how he got to where he is, how he creates so much content, and how he works with brands.

Things you'll learn:

  • Going from 0 views to 15,000,000 YouTube views.
  • Sean's content creation model.
  • How Sean edits videos.
  • How he works with brands.
  • Facing client rejections.
  • Working with clients from hell.

And more.

Meet and ask Sean questions at Underdog Influence Con on 20th September, at CommonGround Jaya One.

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