Last weekend, I uncovered a 6-step technique Mimi Thian used at Mindvalley to create viral content videos.

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Today, I want to share it with you:

1/ Hook

We live in the age of attention. Every content you put out has to lead with a hook.

A hook can be thought-provoking, drama-filled, or presents a "paradigm shift". For example, start your video by saying, "You've been lied to about eating eggs. Eggs are unhealthy".

OK, eggs are actually healthy. But you get my point. Hook your viewers in first with a strong case.

2/ Hero

Whenever possible, include a "hero" in your content. A hero is a human figure or character, that your viewers can relate to – who undergo some sort of challenge and change.

That's the basis of EVERY drama and film.

The reason we stay up late, allowing the 'next episode' slider run on Netflix is because we become invested in the "hero" in the drama we watch.

3/ Evoke Emotions

You may have heard that people make decisions with emotions, and then justify them with logic.

Content marketing is the same.

For your content to go viral, you have to evoke emotions. Make people feel angry, sad or surprised. Say something vulnerable. The trick is to do this quickly before losing your viewer's interest.

4/ Movements

Videos with no movement are out. Our human minds are constantly looking for movements in our surrounding.

To avoid your viewers zoning out – put movements in your video to retain attention. (Also a reason why action movies are so engaging. There is just so much going on!)

Movements you could add in video-format content:

  • Graphic effects.
  • Make fast-paced videos.
  • Sound effects. (Make viewers feel something is coming)
  • Hand gestures.

5/ Edutainment

Plain education is boring. No surprise why many of us dislike school.

With social media, there's an opportunity to mix entertainment with education. These days, that's known as "edutainment".

Some examples of edutainment:

6/ Tell viewers what to do

In other words, have a call to action (CTA).

Lead them to do something. Is it to leave a comment, click on a link, or watch more of your content? Be specific and tell viewers what you want them to do.

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