What's one thing all marketers have in common?

No, it's not problem-solving skills, storytelling, or analytics.

Let me give you the answer.

It's that they are wrong 99% of the time.

To date, I've not met a marketer who enjoys being wrong. Most marketers are afraid of being wrong. But that is ironic because we're wrong most of the time.

Few days ago, I launched Underdog Influence Con's landing page.

I put my final touches, went through the copy FIVE times, checked for typos, checked the mobile view, made sure all links are working – and published it.

It's perfect!

The next day, I received a message through the chat on the page:

Thank you, Ian. You remind me to always have a testing mindset


Here's what the page looked like. Notice the date.

No wonder people were missing the dates!

So we bumped the size up.

Can't miss that now!

The mentality of testing.

The very best marketers are serial testers.

They're like a scientist. They test the headlines, copy, images, videos, social media posts – everything!

You can tell if a marketer is experienced by the amount of tests he does. A beginner simply publishes his work and goes home.

Having the mentality of testing gives us the freedom of knowing that we might be wrong. And without enough wrongs, we will eventually find right.

It's OK to be wrong

Do you know someone who always has super cool business ideas, but never actually start? "Oh, I need more research", "Oh, I'm waiting for the right time to launch."

Some people are so afraid of being wrong, that they end up not doing anything!

This week, I want you to see if you have stalled any tasks – because you were afraid of being wrong.

  • Maybe it's a landing page that you've spent too long editing.
  • Or a Facebook ad campaign that you never seem to start.
  • Or a design that you just can't seem to be satisfied with.

Go ahead. Complete that task. Put it out to the world.

You're probably going to be wrong. And it's not the end of the world.

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