Here's how a conversation with a gym buddy went last night. (He's a doctor)

I'm going to Bangkok to speak at a conference.

"Oh nice! You're an international speaker now. Go and enjoy Bangkok man. Weed is legal. :)" I said.

Haha. Actually don't think I can really enjoy. I'm nervous about speaking.

"How big is the crowd? What's the worst that could happen?"

About 200-300 people I think. I dunno, maybe I'll freeze on stage.

"Freeze? What, are you 10 years old?"

"I'm not an expert. But here's what I know. Most people get nervous on stage because they are too focused on themselves.

  • Oohh, oh. What if I said the wrong thing?
  • What if people don't think I'm good?
  • What if my speech is boring?
  • What if I left my pants zipper open?

"Dude. Stop focusing on yourself, and focus on the audience instead. Chill. You'll be ok."

Ahh, yes. That's true.

The WRAM Syndrome

The World Revolves Around Me syndrome.

the world revolves around you...... or under you - Good Girl FireFox | Make  a Meme

We all have it.

That's probably why marketers don't post the content they want to. Or they do post, but it's made up and not actually what they honestly think.

The WRAM syndrome is also why we don't pursue what we really want as well.

  • What if people laugh at my content?
  • What if they judge me, and think I'm stupid?
  • What if I fail? People will think I suck.

But the only way to get what you want is to put yourself out there – whether be it publishing content, self-promotion, or marketing. Exposed to the chance of being judged and laughed at.

Here's the good news though.

Nobody cares about your marketing.

Anyone who's done social media marketing before would have once had these questions:

  1. How often should I post?
  2. How long should my post be?
  3. What format should it be in?

Here are the answers for each of them. (As far as I've come to learn)

  1. Doesn't really matter.
  2. Doesn't really matter.
  3. Yup, doesn't really matter too.

Look, your audience is busy.

Nobody gets up from their bed in the morning and thinks what Reuben is going to be writing today. They have things to do. They might even go for weeks without opening an email from Daily CMO. When they do, they might enjoy it or get a little educational value from it, and then they're quickly off to their life again.

That's how people are. The world doesn't revolve around me – or you.

Ahh, that's so liberating.

So get out of your own head. Be in a position of service.

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