Will it surprise you that I don't use many AI-based tools?

The reason we use tools and software is to increase our productivity and to do more. In fact, according to entrepreneur & investor, Naval Ravikant, software is the highest form of leverage.

Online Services

TidyCal – I kindly ask people to book a time from my calendar with TidyCal. A Zoom link will be created automatically once they do. The tool even sends email follow-ups!

Basecamp – I don't know how we project managed before using Basecamp. I tried Trello, Notion, Coda, Google Suite, and Slack. Now we're more grounded, work fewer hours, and are more focused.

MailerLite – The email marketing platform that we use at Daily CMO. I also onboard clients using MailerLite. For E-commerce businesses, I recommend Klaviyo.

Grammarly – Helps me write better and avoid embarrassing mistakes. I don't see why anyone who works in marketing wouldn't want to install Grammarly. Even the free version is good enough.

Ubersuggest - Inexpensive SEO tool to track keywords, audit your website and show you opportunities.

Zapier – Zapier saves you time from manual work. Once you find something repetitive in your process, check if you can automate it with Zapier.

Loom – The reason your team and freelancers produce a bad job, is because you gave them a bad brief. Loom makes it easy to onboard users, provide comments/brief, and even for video testimonials!

WPX Hosting – Previously I used to host my websites on shared hosting plans. This meant I had to do many things myself – installing SSL, backups, CDN, updates, security, etc. Your time = money. Be smart. Pay a little more for services and work on more important things.

Creative Tools

Capcut – People used to ask me if I knew of a free video editing software. I would recommend iMovie, but that's only for Mac users. Unfortunately, most people that asked me uses a PC. Nowadays, I just tell them to use Capcut.

Or you could subscribe to our video editing service. Start with a free trial.

Kapwing – How we make captions so quickly on our videos.

Adobe Suite – I still use industry-grade software like Photoshop to edit photos, Audition to edit podcasts, and Premiere Pro for videos.

What tools make your life better as a marketer? You can leave a comment below.

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