The ad below increased Rolls-Royce's sales by 50%.

David Ogilvy called it "The best headline I ever wrote". The ad ran in two newspapers and magazines, at $25,000.

The following year, Ford (their competitor) ran a multi-million dollar campaign with the claim that their car was quieter than a Rolls Royce.

Here's the ad:

Here are 3 lessons from the ad.

Most people only read headlines. This hasn't changed from the 1960s to today. Spend 80% of your time on headlines. Sell the benefit.

Research. David Ogilvy could have only written that headline if he really knew a Rolls Royce. He'd interview the people working at Rolls Royce. You can't write good headlines or copy without fully understanding a product or service. Never ignore research.

Show, don't tell. Ogilvy starts with a benefit-focused headline, showing the reader how silent the engine is. He didn't just say, "world's most silent car". He "showed" by helping readers visualize the noise from an electric clock.

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