You and I are not the same.

We may be marketers, or founders. But your combined skills, experience, strengths, and weaknesses make you unique.

We could build the same business – yet it would be totally different.

Isn't that what makes life so unique?

That's why I practice sharing everything. Even if someone copied everything I do, it'll still be different.

The "talent stack" concept.

Adam Gilbert wrote about developing your talent stack.

A talent stack is a combination of the skillsets you’ve acquired, that makes you unique – and valuable.

Talent stack examples

  • Marketing + advertising + analytics
  • Graphic design + Illustration + copywriting
  • Entrepreneurship + business acumen + communication skills

And when you realize it, everyone's talent stack is different.

The idea is to develop a set of skill sets that work well together and become a unique individual. Seth Godin, calls this being the Linchpin

So, I’m curious. What’s your talent stack like? 

And before you say “oh, Reuben, but I don’t have any skills”, I want you to realize that even something small like “I’m good at talking” can be added to your talent stack. 

Communication + pitching skills + marketing = Business owner who can win pitches.

What does yours look like? You can reply me (or comment) with your talent stack. 

This is the idea of Underdog Founder Con on 12th Dec. A group of founders coming together to share their marketing stories. And you'll bet each of them (with their own talent stack) will share completely different marketing strategies that worked for them.

To date, Shermaine from Cult Creative, Edwin of Signature Market and Derek from Hiredly will be speaking. I hope you'll join us.

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