Andddd, we're back to business.

The past few weeks have been slow weeks. And we missed many newsletters. I'll be honest – it's all due to poor resource planning, taking more than we can chew and challenging our limits at Daily CMO. We've been up to a lot.

For a start, tickets for Underdog E-Commerce Con is now open. Grab them while they're hot.

Second, we've started dwelling on a new podcast studio in Penang. If you're in Penang and thinking of starting a video podcast show, reply to me with "podcast" to grab a pre-launch offer, just for you.

Let's go onwards to today's Marketing Mondays.

The Daily

Marketing is about testing, yet it's also about being consistent over the long term.

All success is a lagging indicator.

Your ad campaign success is the result of hard weeks of research, planning, creative creation, and optimization. Your newsletter success is the result of 1000s of emails sent. Your fame on Instagram is the result of hundreds of tests. Your website's high conversion rate is the result of carefully written copy and design.

The opposite is also true.

Your funnel that failed, is the result of being lazy and just using a template you found. Your YouTube channel with no views is a result of being inconsistent.

Ryan Holiday shared this in a blog post. I find it uncanny how relatable it is in marketing.

What are you doing TODAY that will bring success in the future?

Video takeaway of the week

Here's a video I shot for Underdog E-Commerce Con.

Looks like a smooth video. But you'll roll your eyes if you were with me during shoot day. I shot the same script in the space more than 10 times, everytime restarting the act of walking in the space. Bystanders around the place must have thought I was crazy.

In marketing – you don't see the ugly bits.

The behind-the-scene mistakes, the screw-ups, the f*ck-ups.

Behind every seemingly perfect video or content online – there are tons of bad takes, imposter syndrome, and doubt. So if you struggle to speak on a camera, you're not alone.

Just early today, I was talking to Jared of Nateskin (who will be speaking at Underdog E-Commerce Con) about shooting a video interview in his office. He said, "We're in the midst of a launch, and our office is messed up".

Nobody sees the messy bits.

In the loop

How do come out with thousands of pages like this?

Answer: Programmatic SEO. Instead of manually creating thousands of landing pages, programmatic SEO is when a landing page template is created and then thousands of landing pages are created on scale – with the help of AI as well.

So has different landing pages for different locations:

  • "hotels in langkawi"
  • "hotels in Malacca"
  • "hotels in Johor"
  • and so on...

Regular SEO focuses on content. Programmatic SEO focuses on ranking relevant product pages for users with a very specific search intent.

Free RM500 credit when you start your first research with – a research company, that provides you real human responses in less than 24 hours.

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TikTok's guide to creating creative content for small-medium businesses.

Free resource

2024 marketing calendar for Southeast Asia's market

Still not too late to plan your marketing for 2024. Here's a free resource from Dot Digital – a customer experience and data platform.

Side note: Notice that this is DotDigital's lead magnet. Notice how simple lead magnets can be.

Download it from Dot Digital

Ad of the week

Kanye West brought in $20 million dollars with this Super Bowl ad. Marketing is pattern interruption. It's what's new - not what's better.


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