In February 2004, the first biggest social media platform, Facebook was launched. The next year, YouTube appeared.

Five years later, Instagram was born.

Then came Snapchat, TikTok – offering micro content and instant engagement.

With instant engagement, came instant gratification.

I get it. The urge to put in a call-to-action to each of our social media posts. It has to drive something back or else it didn't work. How many likes, comments, shares, and conversions we got today?

We want our audience to engage and convert.

Yet, if we observe our own behavior, we are quite the opposite.

I don't comment and convert on every post made by Nike's social media team. Yet, each year I spend thousands with Nike.

Nature teaches us that slow growth is beautiful. A tiny seed growing into a great big tree. It takes time and patience. Also, the best customers aren't always the loudest ones. But they are there, silently evaluating.

I spoke to Harith Ridzuan, founder of The Green Factory on building a personal brand on social media without hard-selling. Please enjoy the interview!

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