2 weeks ago, I had a chat with Chun Yan.

He being a fitness guy, I expected him to say, "EVERYONE IS MY CUSTOMER, CUS EVERYBODY NEEDS HEALTH!"

To my surprise, he said, "I only serve women..."

Watch the full interview

Chun Yan is founder of Eternal Fitness, a personal training company focused on helping women to be more confident in their own skin. Starting off as a freelance personal trainer, today he has impacted over 600+ women with his team.

Some things you'll learn:

  • Building a brand
  • His unique customer funnel.
  • How he got his first client.
  • Making a great offer.
  • Chun Yan's social posting strategy to achieve influence.
  • Organic vs. paid ads – and what works.
  • Challenge of hiring people.
  • Going from freelance trainer to business owner.

My biggest takeaway.

Ever said no to a potential client?

A common thing I noticed in successful businesses is that they often say no – to people who are not their ideal clients. They focus on serving only a certain type of person.

That decision leads to their brand eventually becoming known to be the best at that one thing. It creates differentiation.


Chun Yan will be sharing in deeper detail how he went from 0 influence to influencing and changing the lives of 600+ clients, mostly through posting content on Instagram at Underdog Influence Con.

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