Over the years, I've run ads to sell:

  • A mobile advertising technology
  • Fitness PT studios
  • Data science courses
  • Digital marketing courses
  • Universities
  • Kindergarten franchise (Like getting franchisees)
  • Drama classes 
  • Fast food 
  • Offshore property investments 
  • Music instruments
  • Marketing conferences
  • Insurance plans 

While these campaigns differ – who it was reaching and their objectives, one thing remains constant.

The campaign's success highly depended on how known the product or service I was advertising was.

It was never about how we ran the ads or because we used some crazy advertising strategy.

If you were tasked to advertise McDonald's today, you could just snap a photo of a cheeseburger on your phone, run it as an ad on Facebook targeting "food" interest and I guarantee you'll still get results and conversions.

Branding comes before advertising.

The reason your ads don't convert.

Is because people don't know you!

If they don't know you, why would they pass you their hard-earned money?

Marketing is who knows, likes, and trusts you – in that order.

Build your brand first, before advertising.

We've just launched a new personal branding workshop, together with the amazing Mel Chai – where you'll go through a brand makeover in 8 days.

Whether you're feeling lost and not sure how to build a personal brand, or feeling shy (and ashamed) of speaking into a camera and creating content, this workshop will help you overcome those challenges. The workshop is currently on pre-sale, for a chance for you to save.

Check the workshop here: The Personal Branding Makeover

Remember: The last thing you can afford in an economy that is tightening up is to remain anonymous – where nobody knows you. And if they don't know you, they won't flow you.

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