Something has changed with Facebook ads.

This is not new news. But I had to see it for myself.

It's this:

You don't need interest targeting on Facebook.

Facebook ad campaigns with NO interest targeting are performing. Ad campaigns with interest targeting are bombing. I'll share proof below.

But first, some facts

There was a time when interest targeting used to be everything. People would debate it. There was software to uncover hidden interests.

These days:

  • Facebook uses AI. It can interpret and identify text, images, and videos. It sees everything on our ads.
  • Since iOS 14, most iPhone users opted out of tracking. Facebook ads have been flying blind.

With interest targeting, we're telling Facebook: "Umm, this audience will be interested in this."

So what ends up happening is...

  • Facebook forces your ads on people not interested.
  • Facebook ignores its strength – reaching lookalike audiences, from your historical conversion data.
  • Your advertiser's score goes down.
  • Your CPM, CPC, and CAC increase. Your conversions suffer.

All because you didn't let Facebook do its damn job.

The Proof: Underdog Content Con

We tested 2 ad campaigns for Underdog Content Con.

  • One with targeting "content marketers, freelancers, etc." interests.
  • One with NO interest targeting.

Here's the result:

Interest-based campaigns cost us double!

I know, I know.

It may come as a surprise. But well heck, I've just proven – it's better to have NO interest targeting. Just choose your audience demographics – location, age & gender, and hit publish.

Let the Facebook ad algorithm do its damn job.

And lest we forget: Great marketers never stop testing.

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