I once did some advertising work for a client in the home renovation niche.

We advertised with Meta ads (Facebook & Instagram). A typical customer spends an average of RM2,000. Take a look at the screenshot from one of the ad campaigns.

In one month, we've gotten 247 add-to-carts. Broken down, it costed us RM25 per add-to-cart.

Seems great.

Until you look at the actual conversion:

Customer acquisition cost (CAC) was RM234.

Not that great.

We continued to test the ad creatives and added different target audience. The numbers slightly improved. But the gain wasn't proportionate to the amount of effort we put in.

We were focused on optimizing the wrong thing.

Traffic is never a problem

We live in a special moment in time.

Anyone, in the next 30 minutes, with a laptop and an internet connection, can reach anybody they want – a Fortune 500 CEO, fitness enthusiast, or stay-at-home mom, with paid advertising.

There are so many advertising platforms to choose from. TikTok, Meta, Google, Linkedin, etc.

Time to time, ad platforms even give away free advertising credits!

People in advertising say things like, "Just make sure you get RM10 back if you spend RM2 on ads. Then scale!” But if you've done advertising before, you'd know that scaling isn’t that simple.

Because getting more traffic is never the problem. Conversion is.

And there’s one component that will provide the biggest leverage to conversions – your sales page.

What's a sales page?

Landing page, squeeze page, sales page – they usually refer to the same thing. A web page designed to help potential customers understand how your product solves their problem, and motivates them to purchase.

The nice thing about a sales page is that it’s always working.

While you sleep. While you’re on holiday. While you with busy on the other parts of your business.

An effective sales page turns prospects into customers automatically for you – 24 hours, 7 days a week.

What makes a sales page, effective?

One of the many factors is the headlines.

Just like reading the news, we tend to only read articles with catchy headlines. So similarly, with sales pages, you have to catch your prospect’s attention.

Here’s a headline formula you can use: R-O-T (Results, Objection, Time)

Let’s say you’re a personal trainer who helps people lose weight. Let’s try using a ROT headline:

Get your dream body, without a gym in 6 weeks.

Not too bad. You can turn the framework around too: R-T-O

Hire the best people. Right Now. Right Here. Without breaking the bank.

That's Upwork's headline btw.

Of course, the headline itself won't be enough to encourage people to take action.

I detail the rest in Sales Page Makeover, a new Daily CMO workshop designed to take your sales page from regular to high-converting.

  • Do you want a sales page that automatically converts readers into customers, while you spend your time doing what you prefer doing?
  • Do you want to increase the leads and revenue from your advertising, without spending more on ads?
  • If you've been putting more and more budget into paid advertising, but not seeing an increase in revenue.

Sales Page Makeover is a 7-day sprint, that provides you with our proven principles, framework, and methodology to create high-converting sales pages.

And here's the kicker. I stand by a guarantee for this workshop. Take the entire workshop and if you don't love it – I don't want to keep your money.

The workshop kicks off online on 29th May. Pre-sale is now open, up to next week only.

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