Marketing strategy of the week 🚀

"Which marketing topic should we focus for the next conference?" we asked.

AI? Advertising?

"I don't know. Let's ask our audience", I said.

I posted a video I shot at a potential venue for the next Underdog Con. Then I placed a poll. And the results came in:

Didn't see that coming!

That's why Underdog Con on 6th July will be themed around content marketing.

Action plan for you: What's the cheapest, fastest way you can validate an idea this week?

What's up in marketing💡

  • Meta announced new subscription tiers for businesses. Not in Malaysia yet, but due to come if pilot is successful.
  • TikTok sues the US Government.
  • Pinterest launched a Media Buyer Certification Course. There are more users on Pinterest, compared to LinkedIn in Malaysia.
  • Did you know you can run quick YouTube ad campaigns directly from YouTube?
  • Malaysians spend an average of 38hours & 49 minutes per month on TikTok.
Run YouTube ad campaigns via the promotions tab
Most used social media platforms based on Global Digital Report 2024 for Malaysia
Pinterest is used more over LinkedIn. Does this mean opportunity?

Deal of the week 🤝

TidyCal is the alternative to Calendly for meeting scheduling. A Zoom link is automatically created and sent to me and my guest, when a booking is made.

Pay only once. Use forever.

Video of the week 📹

It's tough to scale service businesses.

Melvin Chee, founder of RPG Commerce decided to go from providing a service (marketing agency) to being a product owner.

Today they have multiple brands. Internally, their team is set up as separate agencies with their own P&Ls.

Thought of the week 💬

Charge what you're worth. I've realized that work resentment comes from undercharging, overworking and trying to play "nice guy".

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