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You can choose not to see ads. But can you decide not to hear them?  

  • Sonic branding – An under tapped branding and marketing tool.
  • Google vs. Reddit – Google SEO is no longer 'keyword-first'.
  • Quote of the week – If one of your car tires gets punctured. You don't continue to puncture the remaining three.

🔊 Selling with sound

You're probably familiar with Netflix's “BA DUMM” sound logo that reminds you a mountain of video content is now ready for you.

Brands are investing in a sound logo to increase brand recall and user affinity with their products.

For example, can you hear these sounds in your head?

  • McDonald's'… “Pa-da-pa-di-da… I'm lovin' it”.
  • Expedia's… “Expediaaaa… Pom…pom”.
  • Windows' start-up and shut-down sound.
  • Nano-nano candy.

These little sounds are known as sonic branding. In other words, audio branding or the expression of your brand through sound.

It is sometimes known as a jingle, although a jingle is usually a longer version fitted to ads on radio and TV.

A sound logo/sonic brand is often a very short 2-3 seconds sound that a brand uses everywhere it can – content, short videos, ads, and in its product.

Where's the opportunity?

Right now, only big brands are leveraging sonic branding. But nothing is stopping smaller brands from adopting it.

It's an opportunity for your brand to stand out!

Your brand probably creates a lot of content already. Why not give it a sonic brand?

The cost of producing music and sound has also gone down over the years. You no longer have to spend thousands to create a sound logo.

📍 Google vs. Reddit

The new Google Perspectives filter

Google recently launched a new search filter called “Perspectives”. I don't have it yet, but we should see it in a few weeks.

Basically, when you search on Google, you'll find a new tab called Perspectives, showing posts, videos, and images from people who have shared on forums, Q&A sites, and social media.

You know how when we search, we tend to go into forums like Reddit, Lowyat, etc. – to read about people's opinions and POVs because they are more real?

Google Perspectives is made for that.

Basically, find search results from humans, rather than just be limited to an AI's or search engine's perception.

Why should I care as a marketer?

This will again change how we optimize content and rank our website for search. Here's what content creators and SEO pros should do now:

  • Create content with a beneficial purpose. (If a writer says, “I will write two 500-word SEO-optimized content per month”, fire him!)
  • Add a unique take that is not found online.
  • Showcase your product in real-life scenarios.
  • Create reviews.
10 years ago I made a YouTube review on a MIDI keyboard, and it's still pulling in views.

Google Perspectives is a great example of Google's commitment to prioritizing user-centric content. I'd welcome it.  

⭐️ Nuggets

Marketing-related stuff that you should know about:

💬 Thought of the week

Everybody’s got this fantasy about work. You walk into a cool, beautiful room, turn on your computer, sit down. Desk is perfectly clean. You sit down and get to work. You blink your eyes. Nine hours of uninterrupted work have gone by, and you were completely in the zone!

Can you think of a time that this has happened? NEVER!

And then there's this type of person.

They set up their day to be perfect. They say I'll work from 9AM to 5PM straight! Then they start working. But as soon as something interrupts them – a call from their boss, a knock on the door, a social media distraction, their day completely goes off the rails. They go down this downward spiral and can't get back on track.

Sound familiar? In psychology, this is called the What The Hell effect.

How to Overcome the ‘What the hell?’ Effect
Does every day begin with the best intentions? You wake up early, eat a healthy breakfast, and plan on a healthy lunch, working out after work and a light dinner. But then life happens. Your boss tells you to start over on a project and you “stress order” a Frappuccino. Your son’s teacher leaves a m…

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