I helped a company I partnered with make millions of dollars (well Ringgits). We sold courses at RM4997 and aimed for 200 students a year. Broken down, that is 16 students recruited a month, 4 students a week.

I set the company up to create content and run weekly live webinars. We'd get about 100 people on a webinar each time and achieve around a 5% closing rate, giving us 4 new students each week.

See how it's just numbers? Making a million or 10 million is just about doing the million-dollar math.

How to get to a million.

Here are some ways to get to a million dollars.

  • 5,000 people buy a RM200 product
  • 2,000 people buy a RM500 product.
  • 1,000 people buy a RM1,000 product
  • 200 people buy a RM5,000 product
  • 100 people buy at RM10,000 product/service.
  • 500 people pay RM167 per month for 12 months.
  • 250 people pay RM334 per month for 12 months.
  • 150 people pay RM556 per month for 12 months.

Does that open up your eyes?

We often overcomplex our marketing and businesses. I know I do. So every time I feel lost, I come back to doing the math.

Today, I'm doing the math again – and restrategizing possibilities for 2024.

Keep it simple.

Do the math. See the possibilities to get there. The strategies will come after.

A sneak peak on one of the many topics and breakdowns.

We're launching recordings and lessons from Underdog Influence Con as a workshop. Instead of watching a bunch of videos (you can do that on YouTube), we've turned Underdog Influence Con into an online workshop, filled with over 30,000 words, daily challenges, breakdowns, frameworks, and lessons that we've extracted from every speaker who spoke.

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