Running ads, especially when marketing a new brand – is a lazy way to do marketing. I’m calling it selfish even.

Because it doesn’t take into account, the real pain-problems it solves for its customers. Rather, it assumes the problem of customers. 

Real marketing pros get on the ground and talk to customers. Let me explain: 

Marketing an unknown brand ✨

I once ran Facebook ads for a new skincare brand. 

Nobody knew them. All they had was one product on a Shopify website.

A week passed. 0 sales.

Furious, the client said, “Let’s try YouTube ads!” 

Another 2 weeks pass. 0 sales. 

At that point, I decided to sell manually. So I sent the product page to a few friends. 

“Nice design, i like it” and oh yeah “Totally support you bro!” 

I continued to push. “Here’s a code for a RM20 discount. Today only.”

Suddenly the real feedback started to appear:  

  • “Umm ... Can I trust this? Does it really work?” 
  • “Who else uses this product?”
  • “Not sure if I want to change my current skincare for this”

People didn’t have a desire to buy the product. The product page didn’t do a good job selling the product. There was no social proof. No testimonials. No reason to buy. No offer. It felt like a RM300 bet for an unproven product. 

Sure, you don’t need to do much convincing, if you own an established brand. 

But for the rest of us building new businesses, and challenging the old. Your success comes down to how well you sell a product. Who is it for? What is it for? Why now? What’s the risk reversal? 

We ended up selling the skincare product manually, taking feedback, and rebuilding the entire product page based on rejections, questions, and desires we heard from customers. 

Here’s how to market a new brand. 

  1. Do manual selling. Go direct to customers, no ads. 
  2. Listen for questions, objections, desires. 
  3. Put them on a sales page. 
  4. Run ads. 
  5. Scale

In the digital world, your sales page does the selling – automatically. 

Sales Page Makeover starts this Wednesday. It gives you everything to turn your product page into a revenue-generating machine. Hope to see you inside. 

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Video of the week 📹

I had fun shooting this video, introducing Underdog Content Con at Taylors’ Lakeside University. You know what’s funny about shooting videos in public?

You get cautious and nervous – thinking everyone’s judging you. 

Yet… I bet everyone who saw me filming that video has completely forgotten about me. 

Sharing this video to remind you: People don’t sit around thinking about you. They’re worried about what’s for dinner tonight. So go out there – and do whatever the heck you want. 

Thought of the week 💬

Zero-click marketing may have become bigger than SEO and should be the thing we should focus on. 

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