In a panel session during a networking event, I was asked, "What were the biggest f*ck-ups you've had"

I think marketers "f*ck up" all the time.

I've not met a good marketer who hasn't had a record of losing money on ads, having a marketing campaign that didn't work out, or taking a sales call that resulted in rejection.

All marketers must fail. The only marketer who hasn't had a fail is probably the new unassuming guy, fresh out of marketing school.

Failing is gathering data.

It's impossible to fail if you don't give up

  • Walt Disney was turned down financing, 302 times.
  • Stephen King's book, Carrie was rejected 30 times.
  • Oprah Winfrey was told she was not made for television.
  • Steven Spielberg was rejected from film school 3 times.
  • 12 publications rejected J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter script

Every time I fail at a marketing campaign, I'll seek inspiration from the greats.

We fear failure so much because we think those around us will think less of us and look down on us or think we're stupid...

Some people are so afraid to fail that they don't do anything – and so, they fail by default.

It's impossible to win without failing

If you want to learn to use chopsticks, but the fork and knife are always around - you'll never get to using chopsticks. If you want to learn to speak Mandarin, but is afraid of being laughed at by people, you'll never speak Mandarin.

Change your mindset about failure.

It's a good thing. It's admirable to fail. Failing means you're edging closer to success.

As a marketer, you must expect to fail all the time.

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