It doesn't make sense to create a key, and then go around finding a lock for it.

It's better to find a lock, then make a key for it.

Yet, marketers often first make a product, then try to find customers for it.

That was the mistake I made with Freelance Profit. I consider myself a successful freelancer with some years of experience, so I put the lessons I've learned into a course and went looking for clients.

I made a key and tried finding a lock for it.

What I should have done instead is to figure out if my audiences wanted a course on freelancing. As it turns out, freelancers don't want a course. They want clients.

So I realized the course would be better positioned as a workshop, where everyone works together to find clients. And that's what I'm turning Freelance Profit into.

You'll save RM100 if you join now. You'll be able to access all the content right now, and get additional content when we launch Freelance Profit 2.0, the end of this month.

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