I recently had the chance to speak to Judson and Kim Hooi, founders of a new-generation law firm, Kim Tzin.

Watch the chat below:

What's funny is through the chat, I realized that law firms are similar to marketing agencies. Plus, there are a bunch of marketing lessons you can learn from them.

Here are my takeaways from the chat:

1. Trust is everything.

Judson reached out to us because they needed help to get their website on Google. Why? Because prospects would typically Google a law firm and see what comes up online.

Prospects will typically Google for your brand before they commit.

They are looking for 'signals' to trust a firm.

It's the same as how we go through user reviews before buying an item or reading food reviews before choosing a restaurant. Humans are built to minimize as much pain as possible, and we only want to do business with people we trust.

Marketing is getting people to know, like and trust you.

2. Be a creator.

Lawyers are restricted by the bar in how they practice law. They cannot advertise or pay referral fees to introducers.

But they can educate.

To position themselves as an authority, law firms turn to educating through content marketing. That's why there is a rise of TikTok personalities sharing education on the law.

Content marketing is relevant, even in a "serious" legal industry.

3. Identify who you serve.

The biggest mistake you can make as a service provider is to see everyone as a potential client.

The smartest law firms niche down their offerings and focus on a specific area of expertise. This way, they can position themselves as the "go-to firm" in a chosen niche.

Kim Tzin specializes in corporate law and finance.

4. Stand out at all costs.

In a sea of businesses providing similar services and products, you have to find a way to stand out. What's your differentiation?

Judson and Kim Hooi decided to use a .xyz domain, even though they own the .com extension for Kim Tzin.

.xyz domain is strange, even in legal land.

For a marketer, this is strange. Any marketer knows a .com is more widely accepted. Most people type .com in their URL bar by default.

But this was one of the many ways Kim Tzin stood out as a law firm. By being a little playful. Unorthodox.

5. Sell like a doctor.

I asked about how law firms price their services and Judson explained about being like a when consulting clients.

A good doctor will ask questions before prescribing a solution:

  • Where do you feel pain?
  • What does the pain feel like?
  • Sharp or dull?
  • How long have you had pain?
  • What's your medical history?

Like patients, clients will present symptoms by answering questions.

And like a doctor, a good lawyer will only prescribe services and professional guidance after truly understanding their client's position and situation. Sometimes, they might not even need legal help at all!

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