You probably know the world’s greatest upsell.

Would you like to upsize your meal for RM1?
This is now replaced by a machine. However, the upsell is similar.

A dollar doesn’t seem like much, but done in scale – this increases McDonald’s profit a LOT.

I was at Starbucks recently, when I noticed that they’ve stepped up their upsell game as well. There were two upsells.

Upsell #1. When ordering a drink, you’d be asked if you would like to upgrade your drink to Venti (large).

Upsell #2. After that, you’d be asked if you like stronger coffee (an extra espresso shot).

Upselling helps businesses increase their revenue. Most businesses think they need more customers when they just need to increase their customer‘s order value.

Upselling isn’t evil

It’s finally here. Your new Sony PS5.

You arrive home after work, quickly take your dinner then sit down in front of the TV to unbox your new PS5.

You carefully unwrap the cables, admire the console, plug it into your TV, and turn it on. The Sony logo appears and you hear the sound chime. Nice! Let's go.

Suddenly you realize.

Wait… where’s the controller? Oh wait, you bought a store demo unit and the seller didn’t include a controller. Now you’re stuck with a toy that you can’t play. Your Friday night is ruined.

If only the seller had upsold you a controller…

That’s why upselling is good for the customer.

An upsell makes things better for the customer. It’s not a scam

You don’t call McDonald’s or Starbucks a scam.

Having more fries makes the meal better. Having wine with your steak makes the dining experience better. Having controllers (maybe 2 of them) makes your gaming experience a WHOLE lot better.

What is going to make your customers better?

And closer to their goals?

  • Would better strings help them enjoy a game better, when they buy a tennis racquet?
  • Would personalized training sessions help them achieve their weight loss goal faster?
  • Will a tripod help them take better photos when they buy a new camera?

If yes, then by all means, please do an upsell.

But if doesn't add any value to your customer, then you'll be a scam for upselling.

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