Yesterday, I met a business owner who wanted my marketing help. He was running ads, but the ROI wasn't great. He told me, "I'll do anything to make this business work!"

Reviewing his marketing activities, I saw an opportunity to create and put out content on every social media platform – Instagram, TikTok, Facebook & YouTube. We'll do podcasts and videos. We could shoot one right now.

My point was that if people don't know you, they'll never buy from you.

You know what he said? "I feel ashamed" to be on camera. Wait, didn't you say you'll do anything?

The fear of judgment.

When you start selling and marketing your product or service, one of the most common things I hear is:

  • "What would my family think?
  • "What would my friends think?
  • "What would people think of me?"

It's a real concern.

Some people try to pretend it doesn't exist, but it's real. It happens to everyone.

I get it, it's super scary to put yourself out there and risk getting judged.

Reframe the thought

Think about a creator or a product that made a huge impact on your life. (I thought of Casey Neistat).

What if the creator never created what they did, because they were afraid of what people would think? Wouldn't that be unfortunate?

People are still going to say stuff

No matter what. It doesn't matter how successful you are.

When we organized Underdog Con, I would publish short interviews of the people who are going to speak at the events.

I remember one guy, who commented on every ad that we put out – saying how low-budget we were:

We responded with kindness. But we could choose not to!

So I thought to myself. If we had listened to these people, we would have never gone on to organize Underdog Con. We would have never started Daily CMO.

So, don't focus so much on what the negative people say, because they're always going to do it.

Focus on the people whose lives you're going to change

Become the "go-to" person in your niche

Everyone today is an entrepreneur. Everyone is a creator. Everyone today is building products or services that will help "companies grow".

What makes you different then? The answer is in differentiation.

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